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Privacy Notice

By default, Sangou will collect analytics about how he is being used.

As a User

Your analytics are stored in data/users/{user ID}/analytics.json.

Analytics stored currently include:

  • Successful command
  • Failed command

More may be added at a later time.

Manage your analytics with the following commands:

  • mydata
    This will give you all of the data the bot has for you in its users/YOURID folder.
    This does not include reminders.

  • stats
    Shows a prettified version of your analytics file.

  • stats disable
    Disables analytics collection for you and delete all analytics data currently saved.

  • stats enable
    Enables analytics collection for you if it was previously disabled.

As a Server

Your server’s analytics are stored in data/servers/{server ID}/analytics.json.

Server analytics are not currently implemented.