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Sangou's Documentation

Sangou is an actively maintained Discord bot, originally made for the OneShot Discord Server.

The bot is semi-public, and you may add it to your server by asking in the support server.

This documentation aligns with version 0.3.2.

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What Sangou does

Advanced moderation

Keep track of your users histories with the logs function, aggregating a user’s history over time, including warnings.

Slash commandless

Don’t get tripped over Discord’s nightmarish slash command system, as Sangou allows custom prefixes to be set.

Chat enhancement

Translate messages by reacting, get previews of linked messages, automatically remove super reactions, set reply ping preferences, and more.

Simple configuration

Run one command, download your server’s configuration, edit, reupload, done.

Complex logging

Log everything. User changes, moderation actions, and server changes. Also log moderation actions to a publicly facing (if desired) log.

And more

As a Kitchen Sink-esque Discord bot, there’s a lot more that couldn’t fit. Like reminders, Color of The Day, joinscores, timezones, anonymous reports, and more.