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The Raidmode System

The Raidmode system has a few options to get a handle on a raid, aside from using Discord’s standard fare.

Raidmode requires a staffchannel to be configured. The Medium option requires a raidrole to be configured.


  • raidmode
    Opens the Raidmode configuration screen.

Raidmode Configuration


When set to Off, Sangou will only forward users under 24 hours old to the Staff channel.


When set to Low, Sangou will forward all new users to the Staff channel.

Raidmode Low Example


Medium can only be selected if raidrole is configured.

An example use case for Medium would be to filter new users during a raid.


This is self explanatory. All new users will be kicked from the server.

Message awaiting

In all cases where Sangou forwards a new user to the Staff channel, it will wait for their first proper message.

This is very useful in the event that you need to quickly see if a new user is spamming scam messages.

Raidmode Message Example