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Before You Start

Before getting started inviting Sangou to your home server, here’s a few things to keep in mind.

Presently unfinished

Sangou is presently unfinished, and his code is subject to change. This may result in a few errors at times. If this happens, please report the error in Sangou’s support server, such that it may be fixed as swiftly as possible.

Some features may be missing as well, however they may be implemented upon request by suggesting them. Don’t hesitate to improve the bot with your voice!


Sangou is semi-public, due to Discord’s limitations with non-verified bots. Sangou is unverified as it uses traditional commands done through chat, rather than through a slash command system. As a result, the bot is only allowed on 100 servers at a time. To use Sangou on your server, please bring up that you will actively be using him. Sangou will leave servers that do not use him.