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Basic Functionality

These are what are considered the “essentials” for Sangou. Commands not part of any specific system are here.

For your reference:

  • [argument] represents a required argument.
  • {argument} is an optional requirement.
  • argument (default) is the default if not specified.

Sangou uses the pls invoker by default.

For example: pls command [required (default)] {optional (default)}

  • about
    Tells you about the bot.

  • avy [user (yourself)]
    Returns an avatar of a user.

  • avy server [server (current)]
    Returns an avatar of the server.

  • choose [options]…
    Chooses from a list of options.

  • clapifier [input]
    don’t 👏 call 👏 yourself 👏 pansexual 👏 if 👏 you’ve 👏 never 👏 deepthroated 👏 a 👏 pan 👏

  • color [hex color code]
    Shows an image of the color you specify.

  • dec [number]
    Converts Base16 to Base10.

  • diff [file/string] [file/string]
    Diffs between two files or two strings.

  • google [query]
    Searches Google for something.

  • hash [file]
    Gets CRC32, MD5, and SHA1 for a file.

  • hello
    Says hello to you.

  • help {command}
    Gives you a link to this site.
    If a command is specified, shows help for said command.

  • hex [number]
    Converts Base10 to Base16.

  • hug
    Gives you a hug.

  • install
    Gives you instructions on how to install a dishwasher?

  • jump
    Posts a link to the very beginning of the channel.

  • membercount
    Shows the current member count of the server.

  • kill [text/mention]
    Kills someone.

  • ping
    Shows the bot’s latency.

  • pingmod
    Pings the Staff team, if configured by server Staff.

  • poll [title] [option1] {option2, option3… max 10 options}
    Creates a poll, with reaction based voting.

  • progressbar/loadingbar
    Shows a progress bar of how much the year has passed.
    Will adapt to your timezone if you have one set.

  • rehost/catbox/imgur [attachment or link 200MB or under]
    Uploads files and/or links to catbox.moe.

  • report
    A DM only command which sends a report to a server’s configured Staff channel.
    Reports can be anonymous if desired, however user IDs will be saved for 3 days.

  • roll {XdY (1d6)}
    Rolls the dice for you.

  • server
    Gives you a link to the bot’s support server.

  • staff
    Shows the currently active Staff members.

  • temp/temperature [temperature] [unit] {conversion}
    Converts a temperature to a given unit,
    or to all possible units if unspecified.

  • youtube/yt [search term]
    Searches youtube for a query.