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Advanced Functionality

Commands that have a more specific use, or are part of a specific feature set, are put in this section.

Color of The Day

These commands only work if Color of The Day has been configured by the server admins.

  • cotd
    Displays the current Color of The Day.

  • voteskip
    Votes to skip the current Color of The Day by moving the roll time an hour earlier.


  • dump/d [case ID or “l”]{(- or ..)case ID or “l”}
    Dumps user IDs from the public moderation log.

  • info [user (yourself)]
    Gets information on a user.

  • info server [server (current)]
    Gets information on a server.

  • info role [role ID or name (@everyone)]
    Gets information on a role.

  • joinscore {joinscore or mention}
    Posts your (or someone else’s) joinscore for the current server.

  • joingraph
    Posts a graph of times people have joined.

  • mylogs
    Lists actions taken on you by server Staff.


  • remind [time] [text]
    Reminds you about something in Direct Messages.
    Use “number then unit” format, such as 5s, which is the minimum.

  • reminders
    Lists your reminders.

  • reminders remove [index]
    Removes a reminder using the index from the reminders command.


  • timezone/tz [timezone]
    Sets your timezone. You can use this list as a reference.

  • timefor/tf [user] {time in “12AM”, “12 AM”, “12:00 AM”, or “00:00”}
    Shows the timezone for you, or someone else.


  • erase
    Erases all of your messages from the Discord server, and sends you links to all of the files you have sent.